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Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

Tia Moskalenko, author of the AskGrowers blog, brings a unique blend of content to her readers. She is known for conducting insightful interviews with key figures in the cannabis industry, including brand representatives, manufacturers, and experts. In addition to her interview skills, Tia has a keen focus on CBD. She expertly curates product selections and reviews, offering her readers detailed insights into the various effects and benefits of CBD. Tia's ability to combine in-depth interviews with comprehensive CBD analysis makes her a valuable asset to the cannabis community, offering a well-rounded perspective on the industry.



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The new cannabis product and marketing hub announces launch as they begin building industry network and product index

09.28.2020, NEW YORK, NY --, the legal cannabis marketing website, is pleased to announce their official launch into the U.S. cannabis digital landscape. Through free brand/product listings and 1-on-1 brand interviews, AskGrowers is working to unite an ever-expanding industry of cultivators and manufacturers in one, central location. 

Within this location, AskGrowers aims to not only highlight cannabis companies, but also to create an Amazon-like portal where consumers can read about, review and rate different strains, products and companies. These informational tools will allow cannabis lovers to better understand the cannabis landscape within their region, and in an industry that projects over 1.2 billion USD in yearly revenue increase through 2025, the market is growing faster than consumers can keep up, creating a disconnect between brands and enthusiasts.

“We see a massive community that’s lacking direct connection with their customers” says Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner, AskGrowers. “People care about the story behind the brand, they want to know who’s growing their cannabis, how they’re growing it, and what makes them passionate about growing or manufacturing products. We created Askgrowers to bridge that gap, to help the men and women of the industry broadcast their brand personalities and values to cannabis enthusiasts across the country.”

2019 confirmed over 16,500 cultivation licenses according to Statista, and when combined with a slew of cannabis product manufacturers, AskGrowers sees a market that is quickly saturating with brands such as Binske, Autumn Brands and FOCL. However, marketing a cannabis brand can be tricky in the midst of strict promotional guidelines nationwide. AskGrowers is determined to give these brands an ability to project their voice while remaining within the legalities of these guidelines.

“We just want to be able to let these brands showcase themselves to the cannabis community” states Irene Stepanenko, AskGrowers CEO. “We aren’t the only site working to gather different companies, strains and products into one place, but we’re trying to bring a more personal touch to the sector. There are so many amazing people invested in this legally nubile industry, and there are so many stories around who they are, how they got here, and what they have to offer the growing community of cannabis enthusiasts. We just want to let people appreciate these brands for who they are.”

About AskGrowers is an online cannabis marketing platform specializing in the gathering and providing of detailed brand and product information from legal cannabis businesses across the United States. Operating entirely online, AskGrowers offers in-depth product reviews and brand profiles designed to keep consumers well-informed and confident of their online cannabis purchases. Founded in New York in 2019, AskGrowers operates offices in New York and Ukraine, and focuses on states with either legal recreational or medical programs.

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