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Absolute Xtracts or ABX is a family-owned company based in Northern California. It commits to providing cannabis patients and recreational users with safe, potent, and pure cannabis oils. The brand grows its plants in greenhouses and small family farms that are all based locally across Northern California. After harvesting, the plants are sent to processing facilities in Santa Rosa. They are tested for pesticides, bacteria, and molds. In pharmaceutical-grade clean rooms, the employees dry and process the plants. They use pressure carbon dioxide to extract oils at low temperatures. This allows them to preserve high levels of terpenes and keep the distinctive flavor and smell of each strain. The vendor makes vape cartridges, softgels, vegan gummies, sublingual drops, live resin, etc. It cooperates with other companies, producing combined goods. For example, a new product Hi-Fi Hops was launched in cooperation with Lagunitas. It is a beer-based beverage infused with CBD and THC.

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California, California

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Santa Rosa, California


Bill Silver, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Ray

    What I like most about the offers of this company is the wide selection of vapes. I tested them one by one to choose the best one for myself. my choice settled on Jack Herer it has a cool stimulating effect

  2. Lina

    This is really great strain its cherry pie. I havent met better one. its effects are so nice and pleasant and soothing for me. Finally I can feel that desired relax. With this strain I become calm. Besides I can also feel some new wave of energy.

  3. Mark

    When I feel very weak I just use blue dream strain from Absolute Xtracts. It makes me happier and uplifting. I become more focused during my work. But thats not all, this strain even allows me feel euphoria. Omg, its amazing

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