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BAS Research is a company that provides versatile services to customers including product development, compliance, formulation, contract manufacturing, extraction, and more. This is the first licensed manufacturing company in California that develops science-driven, highly advanced extraction services and cannabis oil. According to the company, they are driven by the mission of ‘enhancing society and healing the world by manufacturing cannabis products of the highest quality and integrity’.

To fulfill this goal, the company applies the most advanced techniques and methods for the analysis and production of high-quality cannabis oils.

Why Choose BAS Research

First licensed company. BAS Research is a brand with decades of experience. In fact, this is the first California licensed cannabis manufacturing company that blends lab protocols with cutting-edge science.

Wide range of services. BAS Research has an enormous service range at this point. This includes compliance, formulation and product development, hemp extraction, contract manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Distribution options. Right now, the company has an extension called BAS Distribution that allows clients to optimize the delivery schedule and streamline their distribution. This streamlines their farm-to-shelf processes.

Founded and operated by numerous experts. The story of BAS Research begins with cannabis veterans and experts in the technology and pharmaceutical industries who aimed to create a quality brand for cannabis innovation.

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Bao Le, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Lizzie Bailey

    So many claiming to be cannabis experts these days but very few actually have years of experience and technical knowledge. I’m glad I came across BAS Research, they have all I need and more. This is a team of real experts who know their stuff unlike other who only pretend to know what they’re talking. Professionalism is great, too. It’s a company I would like to work with for many years to come.

  2. Happy Gilbert

    Been hard to find a reliable brand like yours. Glad to have discovered your services. Thank you, team!

  3. Tommy G.

    only have good words for this company. You can expect my business for the long run

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