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CDX Analytics gathers a group of analysts and experts who handle complex challenges given by Cannabis Testing. They process, handle, and transport plants to the highest standard. The team is led by Dr. Brianna Cassidy, a woman behind 14 publications, five patents, and over 30 scientific conference presentations. Together, the team has over 90 years of combined experience. They operate from 39 Norman Street in Salem, Massachusetts. They are ISO/IEC accredited and test for a wide range of things.

Why Choose CDX Analytics

Accredited for a wide range of testing criteria. This cannabis testing laboratory is ISO/IEC accredited and tests for a variety of things such as potency, pesticides, microbial, residual solvents, water content, terpene profile, etc.

Fast turnaround. Not only does CDX Analytics provide a variety of analytical testing services, but they do this in a timely manner. All their test results have a fast turn-around and are highly precise.

Tests for several markets. The lab tests and analyzes hemp, cannabis, and other derivative products for adult use, medical use, as well as for the consumer and industrial markets.

Advisory services offered. In addition to lab testing, CDX Analytics also offers advisory services to their Registered Marijuana Dispensary and customers.

Tests all MDPH-required analytes. Right now, this is the only Massachusetts laboratory that tests all analytes required by the MDPH. This includes pesticides, which means that manufacturers don’t have to label all products as non-compliant.

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  1. Mark

    to research marijuana is a challenge of nowadays, as for me. CDX Analytics is a great company that successfully copes with this challenge. Its so important for users of cannabis to be sure they use qualitative weed. and this company helps to choose the best

  2. Ashley

    I know about this company. The results of the work of CDX Analytics are always on the highest levels. This lab is important in the industry of cannabis production and has a great value. It makes users sure in quality of the used cannabis.

  3. Dave387

    I decided to use service of this company and I wasnt disappointed. Im really satisfied. The work of the CDX analytics is very professional, qualitative and, what is the most important for me, very fast, cause I dont like to wait.

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