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About Coastal Analytical

Coastal Analytical is an accredited, licensed laboratory that specializes in analysis and contract testing. It was founded in 2013 with the mission to become ‘’the premier provider of analytical services to industries that do not usually have access to labs, especially medical cannabis’’.

To meet this goal, the company offers high-quality analysis to California cannabis growers and brands. They are based in San Diego and offer microbiology and chemistry services. To provide these, the experts at Coastal Analytical use established techniques and validated methods.

Why Choose Coastal Analytical

Variety of services. Coastal Analytical offers a variety of laboratory testing and analysis services, including: medical cannabis analysis, toxicology testing, vapor concentration/ e-cigarette analysis, nutraceutical testing, etc.

Certification available. Once the cannabis is tested for quality, potency, and more, the company provides growers or brands with certification on request. They have an industrial hemp certification available.

ANAB accredited. To be able to analyze and test cannabis plants and products and provide certifications and seals, Coastal Analytical must be ISO certified. This brand is ANAB accredited as an ISO laboratory.

Open seven days a week. Unlike other labs that work only Monday through Friday, this laboratory is available to clients every day of the week at selected hours.

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User Reviews

  1. Derick

    Quiet professional staff at Coastal Analytical. They have always tested my strains and delivered the results on time, they have also been giving me information about how I can improve my strains which I have found to be very helpful. I am happy to be their customer.

  2. Hendricks

    Coastal Analytical is the best cannabis lab and nobody would convince me otherwise. Great employees, very professional and friendly and ready to take you through every step of the testing process. The results re deliberately accurate and delivered on time.

  3. Matilda

    I have never taken my samples for testing to another lab, Coastal Analytical has and will always be my place to go. They have been very helpful in my cannabis cultivation journey by offering me key information about CBD. I am always happy with their service.

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