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CW Analytical

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CW Analytical was founded in 2009 in Oakland, California. This is a popular Cannabis testing lab with dozens of laboratory experts and John Oram as their CEO. The company has some of the greatest ratings in the area and has successfully improved the cannabis market products offered to medical marijuana patients and recreational users.

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Oakland, California


Dr. Robert Martin, CEO



User Reviews

  1. LoganWayne

    They have plenty of recognitions and certificate that proves the quality of their work. They have been sampling and testing my products for years now and I can say that I have learned so much from them on how and where I could improve my products.

  2. Gabriel

    Great staff. Everybody on the CW analytical team is highly professional. Their lab technicians are well trained and they have the best equipment to provide the most comprehensive testing results. They are fairly quick in producing their reports too so little to no wait.

  3. Lawrence

    CW analytical is among the best cannabis testing lab in the California area. They have been in the industry fr around decades and they have nothing but good reputations among cannabis producers, business owners, and consumers. Their services are also very affordable.

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