About DB Labs

DBLabs is the first certified lab for cannabis testing in Nevada. It is located in Las Vegas and serves as an independent analytical testing laboratory for organic, microbiological, and inorganic analysis. For years now, they offer highly praised, accurate, and timely analysis of cannabis products and plants.

This lab was founded in 2014 to respond to the industry demand for such services. Today, they are one of the few top-rated labs that meet the industry needs and offer quality online customer support.

Why Choose DB Labs

DNA sequencing service available. DB Labs offers revolutionary genetic identity testing thanks to their partnership with a cannabis genotyping laboratory. This allows clients of the lab to discover relationship, ancestral, stability, and uniqueness of strains.

Plant sexing available. Cannabis has female and male reproductive structures. DB Labs tests to see which plants have two X chromosomes i.e. are female, and which have an X and a Y chromosome i.e. are male plants.

DB Labs Gold Certified. The clients of this lab get the DB Labs Gold seal that stands for high quality, stringent testing. They test for over 60 contaminants and have a variety of seals available depending on which service a client requires.

Variety of testing services. At DB Labs, clients can test their cannabis for microbials, heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

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