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GoGreen Hemp provides effective and safe THC-free CBD products with a promise of superior results. They are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and no harsh chemicals are used in the quality manufacturing process. All products are made of organic hemp which is extracted using the CO2 method and proprietary rudimentary liquid chromatography. This process is elaborated, ensuring that customers benefit from CBD-rich, potent products that come with many of the terpenes and cannabinoids naturally occurring in the hemp plant, fulfilling broad-spectrum needs.

Why Choose GoGreen Hemp

GoGreen Hemp products are pure as their extracting process is not only the industry standard but also use nano-emulsion formulations to boost bioavailability by 200%.

Each product is tested by third-party laboratories to ensure that quality remains high and consistent in every batch.

GoGreen Hemp are not only affordable, but they also offer quick, hassle-free shipping at no extra cost. They have faster shipping solutions for time-conscious customers.

All hemp is grown in the United States and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. This ensures efficiency and safety of all of their products.

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Plantation, Florida


Romas Marcinkevicius, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Jessica

    I have been using CBD oil from GoGreen Hemp for a year now and I am happy that I gave it a try. I have been using aspirin for long but it didnt seem to stop the pain that I had been feeling. With just a dose of CBD Oil per day, the pain has receded to a manageable level and I no longer have to use aspirin. I recommend this oil to anyone with arthritis or any chronic pain.

  2. Camille

    I was involved in an accident and had a very bad fracture on my leg and arms. I also have fibromyalgia. This is double tragedy as the pain is very excruciating. I am happy to have found relief in the GoGreen Hemp CBD oil. The product has long-lasting effects which means I dont have to use much of it to get the full effects.

  3. Jenny

    Great flavor for all their products. The fruity flavors added to their products is very amazing. It makes it easy for you to swallow the product without feeling the hemp taste. I have used their gummies and the CBD oil tinctures and each time I order a different flavor. I am happy with what I get.

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