About Hemper

Based in New York, Hemper was established in 2015 by Ravjot Bhasin, Bryan Gerber, and Henry Kochhar. Wishing to create a convenient service, he founded the company. The company now sells everything related to smoking, along with other cannabinoid products, and all CBD products have less than 0.3% THC. It offers smoking essentials as a subscription service, along with standalone bongs, dab rigs, and others.


The business aims to set a new standard in terms of smoking accessory boxes by hand-curating all of their items and offering affordable services, along with providing a broad range of CBD products.

Why Choose Hemper

Each box is hand-picked and well-curated by its team before it reaches the consumer.

All items are certified, ensuring excellent quality.

It offers pre-paid subscription plans that can be discounted.

Info & License

Available In

USA, Canada, Other Countries

HQ Location

Las Vegas, Nevada


Bryan Gerber, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Ramirez

    Their cupcake bubbler is cute and makes for a smooth experience.

  2. Tameka

    Love the twisted hemp wraps. Great flavor and no tobacco in them.

  3. Mooney

    Sturdy products and quick shipping. I will always order from them.

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