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The founder and CEO Joy Smith together with her husband, opened this family-based business in Fort Collins. Todd Smith, Joy’s husband has 28 years of experience with the world’s leading metabolic health company that has proven to be invaluable to this brand’s mission. Right now, their daughter Danielle runs a second location in Austin, Texas and generally, all the family takes part in the business functioning. Joy herself plays a huge role in manufacturing all the products. Every stage of the process is under control: the farming, the proccessing, extraction and purification process that involves supercritical CO2.

Joy Organics use third-party lab testing. They also sell the USDA Certified Organic CBD products. Every Joy Organics product is extracted from a proprietary strain and contains a lot of terpenes and cannabinoids. The brand is a member of U.S. Hemp Roundtable, which exists to unify best organizations to lead the way forward to CBD and hemp products. The reason why Joy Organics’ products are considered to be premium grade is because they use the highest standards for production. There are no fillers, binders, excipients, or dyes in the products. All softgels manufactured by this brand are created by using nanoemulsion technology. This breaks down the particle sizes in the hemp extract, which allows the small particles to be absorbed by the body faster and more effectively.

Joy Organics is also a conscious and delibarate brand, as they are socially active and take part in charity constantly helping non profitable organizations and refugees Uganda children. Each month Joy and her team choose different organization and donate it part of revenue.

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  1. Focus_P

    I love this brand because of its 30-day money-back guarantee. I buy my skincare products, tinctures, and even dog treats from Joy Organics. I must say, I love their products. They are very effective and affordable. This brand is dedicated to providing quality products to their customers

  2. Sun Bernard

    for me, it is affordable. Low price for quality product

  3. Wang Kwon

    I love what I get. I bought some tinctures and I am enjoy them

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