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Kush Queen was founded in 2015 by Olivia Alexander as female-focused cannabis and lifestyle brand. The company’s vision is not only to offer great products but also to show care to its customers by giving back. The brand is committed to offering education on CBD, take part in industry innovations, and provide customers with quality products. All their products contain 0% THC.

Why Choose Kush Queen

Wholesale Option: the brand offers users wholesale options and you can find any of their products at a local dispensary or store.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation: Kush Queen is committed to offering its users with quality products through constant innovations.

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Meshack 767

The products of Kush Queen are readily available. Their products can be found in local stores or dispensaries, so you don’t have to wait or contact the company directly. Also their products are very safe and are also committed to giving back to their customers

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I’m not too comfortable with the fact that it is a female-focused lifestyle and cannabis brand. It shouldn’t operate that way. Also, I want them to do more when delivering their services. My friend is yet to receive her order.

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Franklin E.

Kush Queen is amazing and even has a young beautiful woman as its CEO.. When women take the CEO role, they tend to handle tasks more efficiently and they stay focused….. It is not surprising to see this brand gaining wide recognition already, even though it was just established 5 years back. I love Kush Queen and I love the CEO

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The brand offers CBD education, and offers high-quality products

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Kush Queen is adorable as they always give back to their customers

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best brand I’ve seen…...

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