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MCR Labs is a Framingham, Massachusetts-based company that specializes in the testing of cannabis. The brand was founded in 2013 and became the first Massachusetts state-certified laboratory. The labs' mission is to improve public health and safety through premium chemical testing of CBD products as well as offering direction and support to partners, watchdogs, and the whole community.

The company offers analytical and R&D services to MMJ users, providers, and growers. The range of products that they test is vast and includes flowers, concentrates, extracts, and marijuana-infused products.

They test for the potency and safety of the products. MCR Labs are ISO-17025 accredited and strive to use proven analytical practices as per the pharmaceutical industry requirements.

The company is dedicated to offering accurate information to its partners as a way of encouraging safe and responsible practices when it comes to cannabis. They also partner with advocacy groups, researchers, and educators to further the science and reception of CBD. The company's team is also involved in charity work, for example, it took part in the Back-To-School Drive to help children who have suffered from homelessness. MCR Labs offers consultation services to the community of growers to suggest them guidance with regard to cultivation, consumption, or uses of marijuana and cannabis-derived products.

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  1. Carola

    Cannabis research and testing is so important to us consumers today. Thanks to such a laboratory, we can get a quality product and be sure of safety for health. Therefore, I wish only the success of this laboratory and further development

  2. Dias

    Pretty good lab. I had to use her services. Just place an order for a test. Everything is very fast and professional. The result also comes quickly, which I liked the most. So, guys, you should use service of this lab

  3. Zet545

    I am fascinated by the activities of this laboratory. conducting so many tests, communicating with ordinary cannabis users and producers and providing useful advice requires great professionalism. and this MCR Labs just has it. It can make them the best lab in our country.

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