About PharmLabs

PharmLabs was founded by Greg Magdoff, its COO. He joined forces with other experts and professionals to create a lab that tests a variety of cannabis and hemp products, performs cannabinoids profiling, and screens for microbiological contaminants.

The brand has offices all across California and is widely used by cannabis connoisseurs, growers, and companies. With a fast turnaround of around 3 hours and several payment options, this lab is easily accessible and highly trusted by users.

Why Choose PharmLabs

Hemp testing program. The HTP of this brand ensures that crops don’t exceed the regulatory threshold for THC of 0.3%. They also ensure that the genetics of a plant match the COA as provided by seed vendors.

Identifying contamination issues. By using this lab, vendors and growers can identify contamination issues early in the process through heavy metal, pesticide, and microbiological screening.

Cannabinoid potency tests. PharmLabs also has a cannabinoid potency test that analyzes several common psychoactive compounds in cannabis products and strains. They check for THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, CBG, and CBN.

High-pressure liquid chromatography for separation. With the cannabinoid potency tests, customers at this lab can separate the acidic compounds from the neutral and define the decarboxylation ratio of each sample. This is very helpful when they formulate products and doses for consumers.

Variety of services. PharmLabs also offers microbiological screening, mycotoxin contaminant screening, terpenes profiling, residual solvent analysis, pesticide and herbicide analysis, heavy metal analysis, moisture testing, water activity testing, etc.

Info & License

Available In

California, Texas, Hawaii

License Number

C8-0000098-LIC, C8-0000045-LIC

HQ Location

San Diego, California


Greg Magdoff, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Cramer

    The best lab testing professionals I have come across. The entire testing process is handled with a lot of professionalism and results delivered in the most secure of ways. Any questions are answered to the customers satisfaction. This is quite a unique lab that is very transparent in their work.

  2. Kuntz

    The employees are quite amazing. They are quite professional and will handle your requests with a lot pf professionalism. The lab will have your results out within the shortest time possible and you no longer have to wait for months on end. I recommend this lab.

  3. Damon

    Great staff at Pharmlabs. The employee here are very friendly and professional and will take you through every step of the testing process if you request for it. They are quite knowledgeable about cannabis. I find them to be very helpful as they have given me very insightful information that I wouldnt have found elsewhere.

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