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Potli deals in foods infused with sun-grown cannabinoids sourced from the Emerald Triangle. These products are free from any harmful additives and are used for relation and healing. The inspiration for these products, as Felicity – the founder – mentions on the company’s website, came from her dad working towards a solution for her mother’s illness.

The products from Potli include hemp-infused cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Dream Honey with a balanced hemp-oil ratio that packs antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Feel Good Premium Hemp Raw Honey, and hemp-infused shrimp chips. They also have hemp-infused ACV for skin and good gut health.

Their CBD infused honey was awarded as #1 during Emerald Cup.

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Binske is a medical cannabis brand founded in 2015 by Jake Pasternack. Their products are made from premium artisan ingredients gathered from different parts of the world. Last year, Binske became the largest Marijuana brand in

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