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About Rebel Coast

The revolutionary Rebel Coast was founded in 2012 in California to produce and sell cannabis-infused non-alcoholic drinks. It wasn’t until 2017 when it changed its approach by coming up with an alcohol alternative - sauvignon blanc cannabis-infused beverage – that is low-calorie and delicious. This was a result of the reformulation of some of its goods.

The company sources grapes for its products from Sonoma, California, and adds no artificial flavorings to retain that authentic taste users have become accustomed to. The beverages are infused with fast-acting THC to give results within 15 minutes of consumption. The company’s patented process and formula ensure that the desired flavor and potency are achieved in each batch. Since the drinks contain no added sugar or carbs, users can expect zero hangovers, even from the alcoholic variety. They have three flavors of Seltzers, two for Classic and two under Sparkling.

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