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Stash Lab Technologies

About Stash Lab Technologies

Stash Lab Technologies was formed in 2015 as a dependable source of discreet and unique smoking accessories. The company caters to needs related to mountain trekking, sun-soaking, and beach toking. They are ideal for smokers who want to suit an active lifestyle and enjoy a discreet smoke every now and then. They are based out of the US but offer worldwide services.

Why Choose Stash Lab Technologies

A variety of products offered. Since their establishment, Stash Lab Technologies has created a variety of product niches that include state-of-the-art, portable merchandise.

Worldwide services. Even though Stash Lab Technologies is based outside of the US, they ship worldwide and offer their services to thousands of people.

30-day return policy and free shipping. The company guarantees a 30-day return policy, same day handling times, as well as free domestic shipping.

5% discount for newsletter subscribers. Products sold by this brand are affordable to begin with, but the company also offers a 5% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter.

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HQ Location

Fort Collins, Colorado



User Reviews

  1. Barry Jenner

    this offers so many different products to make you high. got my bong here are Stash Lab Technologies and I love it. my friends and I are huge fans. they even offer products for outdoor smokers. what else can you ask for?

  2. GanjaLover

    Stash Lab Technologies stuff incredible

  3. BongBong

    unique and innovative

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