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THC Physicians

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THC Physicians, or Tierra Healthcare, provides medical evaluations for medical marijuana cards to people who qualify for them. The site has multiple resources on medical marijuana, including research-backed articles, an ebook on how to qualify, common ailments eligible for medical marijuana, and even a telehealth portal for certain states.

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User Reviews

  1. Ferit

    Very quick with the delivery..quite impressed with it. I have had a bad experience with other but this is one place i am coming back again and again for more orders

  2. Betty

    If you want someone to show you the path of effective cannabis use in the form of medications, you should certainly reach out to the physicians available at the platform - they will help you buy right like they did with me.

  3. YingYang&me

    They are not for medical purposes because they dont seem to leave therapuetic effects. They tease you with calming sensation for minutes and then they are gone. I guess Ill rather rely on allopathic medications from now on

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