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Zoots is a trusted brand that produces a small batch of artisan-crafted treats infused with cannabis in Db3 processing facility. Zoots Cannabis-Infused Edibles as a part of Natural Extractions Inc. was founded by Michael, Dan, and Patrick Devlin in 2019. They sell delicious drinks and nibbles, chews, bites, and drops.

Customers can purchase Zoots' items through registered and licensed marijuana retail stores in Washington. The employees, called Zootologists, use the patented Cypress THC Extraction to carefully extract the oils from the plant to deliver handcrafted, contaminant-free products. This method captures the THC by using a cold fusion method and organic alcohol. They also have experience in food processing, so all their products are manufactured in accordance with the FDA's guidelines.

All their products are lab tested for consistency, quality, and cannabinoid levels.

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James C.

The best thing about Zoots products is the consistency. No matter what product I try, I always get a wonderful high after. These cannabis-infused products make me feel empowered and happy. I even recommended it to my friends who loved it too.

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Princess Charlotte 123

they made me feel happy and comfortable... i highly recommend the candies and brownies

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Camilla S.

Zoots offers marijuana-infused edibles that are tasty and give amazing effects without feeling stoned.

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Corbin Blue

delicious edibles

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premium-infused CBD

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handcrafted weed products

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