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Procana Hemp Excel Softgel 360 mg Image
Procana Hemp Excel Softgel 360 mg Image

Procana Hemp Excel Softgel 360 mg

Category: CBD Capsules

Subcategory: CBD SoftGels

Brand: Procana

CBD: 360 mg

THC: free

Flavour: Natural

Servings: 12 mg per serving

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Procana CBD Hemp Excel Softgels

Those familiar with Procana Hemp Excel tincture can opt for this supplement released in a convenient capsulated format. Hemp Excel softgels are an extra-strong product holding 3000 mg of whole-plant hemp extract infused with 360 mg of CBD per 30-piece bottle.

Whole-plant extracts mean they are manufactured using hemp buds, stems, and leaves. They are rich in secondary cannabinoids, essential oils, flavonoids, fatty acids, terpenes, and other compounds. These elements remain in the extract after extraction and interact, resulting in greater health properties for the body and mind. Scientists believe that the synergistic action of these compounds is the true health benefit, commonly known as the entourage effect. Hemp Excel soft capsules help cope with depression, reduce anxiety and stress levels, relieve painful symptoms, boost mood, and improve sleep quality. They support the endocannabinoid system which affects the brain, immunity, and digestion. In addition to the medicinal value of Procana softgels, you can enjoy a beginner-friendly ingestion method that involves no prep. Each capsule comes in a pre-measured dose and requires no fuss with using droppers. It can be easily swallowed due to its smooth gelatin shell.

If hemp tinctures put you off because of their grassy taste, opt for these tasteless capsules. Produced in cGMP facilities under strict quality standards and supervision in the industry, the product is safe to use.

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Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013. Ever since, this brand has been at the forefront of the manufacturing and research of cannabinoids.. This one of the rare companies that deliver both cannabidiol and cannabigerol products, as well as full-spectrum hemp products.