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Social CBD Peppermint Isolate CBD Drops 1000 mg

87% of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Drops

Brand: Social CBD

CBD: 1000 mg

THC: 0%

Volume: 30ml

Flavour: Peppermint

Cbd per serving: 33 mg per serving

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, may aid in relief from inflammation and discomfort

Servings per pack: 30 drops

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Social CBD Peppermint Isolate 1000 mg CBD Drops Review

Meet peppermint isolate 1000 mg CBD drops created by Social CBD! This formulation is pretty potent and includes pure CBD hemp extract infused with an uplifting blend of compounds. It combines invigorating peppermint oil, immune-boosting Rhodiola, and relaxing ashwagandha. Peppermint isolate 1000 mg CBD drops are crafted to stabilize the user’s mood, provide clarifying support, regulate natural sleep cycles, and maintain mental and bodily calm. The product is dairy-free, gluten-free, and has zero THC levels. You’ll enjoy its refreshing mint flavor. Social CBD drops come in a 1-fl. oz. bottle of brown glass with a graduated dropper. You can mix them into drinks or consume them directly from the dropper. The serving to start is 1 ml.

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of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

While I didn't experience any negative side effects from these drops, I also didn't notice any significant positive effects on my anxiety. I think I need more time

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Winter Watson

unfortunately, these drops didn't work for me.

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I was excited to try these drops, but the peppermint flavor was a bit overwhelming for me.

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These drops are the perfect addition to my daily routine. The peppermint flavor is invigorating and the 1000mg strength really packs a punch. I've noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety levels since starting these drops.

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About Social CBD

About Social CBDSocial CBD is an Oregon-based brand that offers daily hemp plant-based solutions for health and wellness. The brand’s motto speaks for itself - “Stress Less, Naturally,” - Social CBD finds its core mission in helping people reduce stress and improve well-being in a safe and natural way.. Social CBD offers a wide range of products, including drops, topicals, gummies, gel capsules, and body care items.

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