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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Pure Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil 2500 mg


Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Tinctures

Brand: Pure Spectrum

CBD: 2500 mg

THC: 0%

Volume: 60 ml

Flavour: Natural

Cbd per serving: 42 mg

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, improve mood

Servings per pack: 30 drops

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Pure Spectrum 2500 mg CBD Oil Review

Advanced consumers of CBD-infused products or those who need maximum health support can opt for extra-strength 2500 mg CBD oil formulated by Pure Spectrum. With each serving, you’ll experience the benefits of CBD not affected by THC because Pure Spectrum removes this psychoactive cannabinoid from the formulation. The 2500 mg CBD oil is enriched with terpenes, flavonoids, and secondary cannabinoids that remain in the product after extraction and purification. These phytocompounds interact and create the entourage effect, which increases therapeutic CBD effects. Take a serving when you need to reduce stress and anxiety levels, stabilize mood, ease painful symptoms, relax, improve sleep, and boost your immunity system. This CBD tincture comes in a blue 2-fl. oz. bottle with a dropper.

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Corey Bishop

The taste was something else. After years of fruity tasting oils and tinctures I was overwhelmed by how calm and soothing this taste was. Its something I didn;t think I would be loving but here I am absolutely in love with how bland Pure Spectrum made this oil.

Leon Martinez

I have been taking Pure SPectrum softgels for a while now and my tolerance must have built up because I did not find them effective anymore. Decided to try out this CBD oil and I am super impressed. Never had something do away woth my stress that fast before. I was missing out

Carol Walker

That price is so expensive

Grata Spartan

As a beginner I sure do regret getting Pure Spectrum's 2500mg oil. The CBD is so potent I have been feeling nauseaus and fatigued and all I did was a single drop just before school. I had to sleep it off which was bad considering I was looking forward to todays classes


With a cbd oil this potent who even needs thc. I love it when my cbd is potent potent for real.

About Pure Spectrum

Evergreen, Colorado, gives this company an edge for growing pure marijuana that it then processes using the latest technology. This company’s plants are grown organically with soil nutrients and rainwater, so the final product is safe for recreational and medical use.. Some of their ambassadors include athletes who are usually tested regularly, a factor that shows the purity of their CBD products.

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