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Zatural CBD Oil Peppermint Drops | Broad Spectrum - THC Removed 1500 mg

88% of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Drops

Brand: Zatural

CBD: 50 mg

THC: 0%

Volume: 30ml

Flavour: Peppermint

Suggested dosage: 1-2ml per day

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, improve mood, and relieve stress

Servings per pack: 30 drops

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Zatural Broad-Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oil Drops Review

With broad-spectrum CBD peppermint oil drops from Zatural, you can get CBD health benefits and please your palate with a refreshing and cooling flavor. The product is formulated with organically grown and CO2-extracted CBD oil. It is enriched with hemp seed oil, stevia as a natural sweetener, and peppermint essential oil for masking the natural hemp taste. The range of effects produced by broad-spectrum CBD peppermint oil drops is wide. They aid with discomfort, poor sleep, stress, and anxiety and contribute to general well-being. You can find this oil in various strengths released by Zatural – 10, 33.3, 50, and 100 mg CBD per serving. It comes in 1, 2, and 4-fl. oz. bottles with a dropper.

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of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

I've been using Zatural's CBD oil for a few days now. The flavor is alright, and I think it's helping me feel a little more relaxed

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Zatural's cbd oil peppermint drops are no joke. The strength is on point, and the flavor is refreshing. I've been using it for a week, and I feel more chill than ever.

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These drops are trash

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these drops are decent. The peppermint flavor is refreshing, but the strength is just okay. Didn't really notice any side effects

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I love these CBD drops with peppermint flavor! They taste great and really help me relax.

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About Zatural

Zatural is a natural oils company founded in 2018 by Maryann Stranger, a naturopathic doctor and a certified digestive health specialist. The brand is based in Eden, Idaho.. The company boasts an excellent reputation in the industry, which is supported by numerous awards, including the 2013 Nutra Award, the 2014 Golden Apple Award, the 2018 Supply-Side Award, the 2021 Best Broad Spectrum CBD, and others.

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