CbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Berry 300mg, 30mL

Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Tinctures

Brand: CbdMD

CBD: 300mg

THC: 0%

Volume: 30ml

Flavour: Berry

Servings: 60

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CbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Berry 300mg, 30mL Review

CBD Oil Tincture - Berry - 300 mg - 30 ml allows CBD lovers to choose how they want to enjoy their favorite oils. When CbdMD created this vegan tincture, it wanted you to enjoy the best in various ways. You can mix this oil with your drink or squeeze it directly beneath the tongue and wait for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.You may enjoy its natural unflavored taste or choose among mint, orange, and berry. It comprises potent ingredients from hemp extracts like CBD, CBG, and CBN.

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About CbdMD

CbdMD uses domestically sourced hemp. All CBD products are thoroughly tested by third-party, ISO-certified labs, and GMP-certified.. The techniques used in the manufacturing process allow preserving healing hemp properties, while effectively removing THC and its effects.

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