CBDfx CBD For Dogs Mobility Bundle Image
CBDfx CBD For Dogs Mobility Bundle Image

CBDfx CBD For Dogs Mobility Bundle

Category: CBD Products For Pets

Brand: CBDfx

CBD: Blueberry & Sweet Potato, Parsley & Spinach, Bacon

THC: free

Weight: 284 g, 28 g

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Hemp Mobility Bundle for Dogs Review

CBD mobility bundle CBDfx for dogs is a fantastic duo that will display your love and care for your beloved four-legged friend. It includes products packed with broad-spectrum CBD goodness known for stunning multifaceted effects. CBDfx oil for dogs contains all-natural ingredients and holds 1000 mg of CBD per 30 ml (1 fl. oz.) bottle. It relaxes, helps calm the nerves, and soothes the aching joints and muscles of your pet. Due to its bacon flavor, your dog will enjoy every drop of this hemp tincture. You can mix it into food or feed your canine straight from the dropper. Give your dog half a dropper in the morning and half a dropper at night. Product #2 is a pouch with pet treats for increased mobility of joints and muscles.

There are 30 chews in the pack, with a total CBD concentration of 450 mg. For added benefits, they are infused with potent nutraceuticals such as chondroitin and glucosamine. Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps diminish stiffness and swelling. The biscuits are rich in antioxidants (blueberry, spinach, and parsley) and hyaluronic acid. They also contain various adaptogenic mushrooms that support bone and joint health. This supplement is suitable for adult pooches. You can break a treat in half for the first serving if your dog is small. Both products in the bundle are safe and third-party tested.

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About CBDfx

CBDfx was established in San Fernando Valley in 2014. At the time, the CBD industry was still in its infancy but was quickly gaining popularity among consumers, and the brand aims to make CBD available and accessible to beginners and experienced users.. To cater to such a broad market, the company offers tinctures, capsules, gummies, vape juices, and kits and topicals in different dosages, among others.