Procana CBD Vet Formula Softgel 240 mg Image
Procana CBD Vet Formula Softgel 240 mg Image

Procana CBD Vet Formula Softgel 240 mg

Category: CBD Products For Pets

Brand: Procana

CBD: 240 mg

THC: free

Flavour: Natural

Servings: 8 mg per serving

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Procana CBD Vet Formula Softgels Review

Pawcana Softgels are the perfect supplement choice for your dog. Dogs also have endocannabinoid systems that bind cannabinoids to CB1 and CB2 receptors, allowing the pet to get the full benefit of CBD. The tablets themselves consist of softgel capsules (gelatin, glycerin, water), grapeseed oil, and CBD isolate.

Each jar of the product contains 30 dog CBD pills, each containing 8 mg of Cannabidiol. If this is your first exposure to CBD, it is worth giving one tablet per day to your dog. Make sure that the dog feels well after taking the pills, because a high dose of the product may cause slight dizziness. Although CBD is not able to completely cure diseases, it can alleviate many conditions. Procana CBD vet formula softgels are a natural way to reduce anxiety in dogs. Also, dog owners often use this product for seizures or arthritis in pets.

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About Procana

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Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013. Ever since, this brand has been at the forefront of the manufacturing and research of cannabinoids.. This one of the rare companies that deliver both cannabidiol and cannabigerol products, as well as full-spectrum hemp products.