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Absolute Nature CBD Cooling Roll-On CBD 500 mg

97% of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief

Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Roll On

Brand: Absolute Nature CBD

CBD: 500 mg

THC: 27 mg

Volume: 89ml (3 Oz.)

Weight: 85 g

Flavour: Menthol

Potential effects: Promotes overall wellness, reduces pain

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Absolute Nature CBD 500 mg CBD Cooling Roll-On Review

Absolute Nature CBD has created the 500 mg CBD cooling roll-on for quick pain relief and the mess-free application of a therapeutic solution. It targets aching elbows, knees, shoulders, neck, lower back, heels, strained muscles, and other problem spots. Aside from 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD per 3-ounce bottle, this Absolute Nature CBD topical contains a blend of soothing herbs and oils, such as aloe leaf juice, arnica flower extract, menthol, rose extract, and more. With the 500 mg CBD cooling roll-on, you’ll experience an instant anesthetic effect and reduction of your discomfort. Gently massage the affected body zone with a convenient rollerball applicator until the formulation absorbs.

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of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief

Not to bash all the cooling effect roll-on lovers but there is something missing with such roll-ons. I prefer mine heat based because that way I can feel the heat working its way through my pained muscles and joints. I find cooling effects one to take too long to settle things down.

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Stephen White

I would rate it 5/5

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if you are into active sports try having this in your pack. You never know when you will get a muscle pull of get injured. It really does work fast at pain reduction which is one of the things that blows my mind. Also, afterwards I swear my skin gets all smooth and glowy. Has me considering using it all ove rmy body

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After years of using FiveCBD roll-ons I was not sure how this one would go. Here I am reporting that it went great

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Baby, all my soothing roll-ons need to do is give me that cooling effect and we are in business. Thumbs up Absolute Nature. There's nothing better than that cooling effect that comes with applyin some CBD roll on. Then the pain just miraculously goes away in like 30 minutes.

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