CBN Isolate
Better Sleep
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -

Extract Labs Bulk CBN Isolate


Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Powders

Brand: Extract Labs

CBN: 5000 mg

THC: 0%

Weight: 5 g (0.17 oz)

Flavour: Natural

Suggested dosage: Take 1ml before bed, up to two times.

Potential effects: Promotes better sleep

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm -

Extract Labs Bulk CBN Isolate Review

By getting bulk CBN isolate from Extract Labs, you don’t need to make multiple orders which can be time-consuming. This offer is for wholesalers and large-scale buyers who make CBN-infused products. You’ll find this product in 0.17, 0.88, 3.5, and 17.6-oz. of CBN per bottle. Bulk CBN isolate comes in powder form and contains 99% pure CBN. It is flavorless and can be added to drinks and DIY recipes. You can mix it into skincare products or enjoy it by itself. As a secondary hemp cannabinoid, CBN helps improve sleep quality, calms, promotes relaxation, and contributes to overall health. It is suitable for nighttime routines. To produce crystalline CBN, Extract Labs removes all other cannabinoids from hemp extracts, including THC.

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Buying these isolates in bulk is really helpful. As someone who works in a nursing home I can assure you this Extract Labs cbn Isolate is one of the most on demand. They all claim it really helps them sleep at night and after a couple of uses myself I strongly concur

Stephen Garza

Not so sure about all the CBN hyoe going around. I am a stoner and all I know is CBD and THC. Add all those other cannabinoids and you honestly lose me. But since it comes from a weed plant I am guessing it is great for my body and I plan on trying them out

Sandra Driscoll

This is the ultimate family sized pack for sure. Me and my adult kids take a scoop of this each night before bed and we have all been sleeping so much better. I am talking next day relaxed, calm, and ready for the day all because we got a good nights sleep.


Outrageously costly

John Redding

you bet I go for the 500mg CBN ones. The rest do not do it for me or my peeps

About Extract Labs

Extract Labs ReviewExtract Labs is a CBD brand and also a cGMP lab founded in 2016. The brand was born by combat veteran Craig Henderson who witnessed the benefits of CBD in the veteran community and wanted to make these benefits available to everyone.. Years later, this company is now featured in Vet100 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Veteran-Owned Businesses according to Inc.

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