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KoiCBD Hemp Balm 1000 mg

90% of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief

Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Balm

Brand: KoiCBD

CBD: 1000 mg

THC: 0%

Weight: 45 g (1.7 Oz.)

Flavour: Natural

Potential effects: Promotes overall wellness, reduces pain

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Koi CBD Healing CBD Balm Review

Leave your body feeling relaxed and restored with healing CBD balm designed by Koi CBD. This topical is multifunctional and provides quick relief. It helps soothe sore muscles, soften skin, reduce minor aches, heal troubled skin areas, and encourage faster recovery. It is infused with proprietary Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum CBD (choose 500 mg or 1000 mg potency per 1.7-oz. jar) and over a dozen all-natural oils with potent calming effects. Healing CBD balm has a refreshing yet tranquil aroma. When applied to a specific skin area, the Koi CBD balm melts on contact due to its soft texture. You can use it up to 4 times daily, but typically, the effects last for hours.

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of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief
The Contess of Cannaland

Can I just say how calming and soothing this balm is. the one thing I feel that they failed me with is the lack of thc. That would have escalated the soothing and relaxation process by a huge deal. I know I can't get high on CBD balms but thc has a way of improving skin quality that no one can argue with

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Joseph Draves

Super stoked to be getting my Koi Cbd delivery today. The balm smelled so fresh last time I got it, I am tempted to lather it all up all over my body. I am thinking of sending a tub to my mom since my kids will be there for the holidays and they are bound to get bruised running around.

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Getting this 1000mg one instead of the 500mg one I was using before is way better. The potency has my pain going away in mere minutes. With the other one I had to wait like thirty minuutes some times 1 hour. But these days its all done in minutes.

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my wish is that the balm could be a tad bit more sizeable than what they have here. The balm is very effective which makes me want more.

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Nickolas Strachan

Koi CBD is my fav

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About KoiCBD

Koi CBD is a relatively new but fast-growing brand established in 2015 in California. The Koi’s mission is simple: to craft high-quality CBD that sets new standards in the rapidly-developing industry.. The brand sources all hemp using a stringent supplier validation process.

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