CBD Sanitizer Bath Bomb

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For Relief

Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Bath Bombs & Salts

CBD: 100 mg

THC: 0%

Flavour: Natural

Quantity: 1 Bath Bomb

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Zatural has created a CBD sanitizer line of products to help people boost their immune systems and get extra protection against myriads of microorganisms present in the surrounding world. CBD Sanitizer Bath Bomb is a good way to end your day and disinfect your body from germs, bacteria, and viruses that may be lingering on your skin. Each bath bomb contains CBD essential oil synergy, including various essential oils with antimicrobial effects, 100 mg of CBD for the reduction of muscle pain, and Epsom salt that soothes irritated skin. Combined in one product, this powerful combination ensures your ultimate protection.

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