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Mission Farms CBD Relieve CBD Balm Stick 600 mg


Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Balm

Brand: Mission Farms CBD

CBD: 600 mg

THC: 23 mg

Weight: 29 g (1.0 OZ)

Flavour: Natural

Potential effects: Promotes overall wellness, reduces pain

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Mission Farms CBD 600 mg CBD Balm Stick Review

Due to its compact format, the 600 mg CBD balm stick from Mission Farms CBD easily fits into a small backpack and can quickly reduce pain and discomfort on the go. Its key component is 600 mg of full-spectrum CBD per 1-oz. bottle. This CBD topical is also infused with various organic ingredients, such as essential oils (orange, copaiba, lavender, myrrh, eucalyptus, and marjoram) and herbal extracts that block pain receptors and reduce inflammation. Mission Farms CBD adds menthol and camphor that create cooling and warming sensations, relax muscles and make them less sensitive to pain. With the 600 mg CBD balm stick, you’ll get long-lasting relief and hydrated skin keeping your hands clean.

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Johnnie Ward

convenient and easy application

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Richard Spann

I can withstand anything and everything people hrow at me except the smell of menthol. Something about the smell just sets my insides on fire and has me running to the bathroom every few minites. So no, this mission farms CBD balm stick is not something I will be repurchasing.

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Bakin King

Since mum started having me apply this anytime a muscle or joint hurt, I have not looked back. The literal best pain relieving CBD product I have come across. And now I plan on introducing it to my husband and kids once they get home from their European holiday.

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Menthol Cbd balm sticks are where its at. Instant pain relief and the application, easy peasy lemon squeezy. No squeezing involved though!

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About Mission Farms CBD

Mission Farms CBD is a CBD brand founded in 2018. The company is located in Bend, Oregon.. The primary mission of the brand is to help people feel good again and improve their quality of life.

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