Pain Relief

Bingham Family Organics Texas Zen Cooling Lotion 1000mg

Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Skincare

Brand: Bingham Family Organics

CBD: 1000 mg

THC: 100 mg

Flavor: Menthol and Camphor

Weight: 227 g

Bingham Family Organics Texas Zen Cooling Lotion 1000mg Review

Kingsley knows how to treat consumers to a royal-level remedy for their hands. Say no to dry, cracked hands even in the cold, windy seasons with Kingsley's Healthy Hands Balm. This ideal herbal mix contains top-quality full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp growing on the royal meadows of the brand. Thus, users get a rich blend of essential oils and CBD to recover skin scratches and dryness quickly. Use this Healthy Hands Balm to cover all your skincare needs in one go. The 60ml jar is packed with 600mg of CBD, lasting over a month and delivering potent relief to your aching muscles, joints, and dry hands.

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