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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

CBD FTP Uncut 810mg Cartridge and EliteHEAT FTP Battery


Category: CBD Vaping

Subcategory: CBD Cartridges

Brand: CBD For The People

CBD: 810 mg

THC: 0%

Flavour: Natural

Quantity: 1000 mg

Ingredients: US grown hemp-legal cannabis wax, natural plant and fruit terpenes

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, improve mood

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

FTP CBD For The People Uncut Cartridge and Eliteheat Battery Review

How to choose CBD cartridges near me? CBD FTP Uncut 810mg Cartridge & EliteHEAT Battery is a fantastic combo of a high-performance vaping device with an exceptionally potent and clean CBD oil formula. The EliteHEAT battery is CBD For The People phenomenon for its function to preheat hemp extracts and evenly distribute the maximum heat. Variable voltage settings allow users to customize their vaping experience. The CBD oil formulation in this premium-grade cartridge has an 81% potency. The vaping liquid is 100% natural and has zero unnatural chemical carriers. It comes in multiple flavors, depending on the terpene profile you choose.

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THC Maestro

fast acting


Dang, this cbdftp is straight-up delicious! It's like vaping heaven in a puff. And let me tell ya, the positive effect is the real deal. It zaps my anxiety and eases my mind. Zero side effects, bro! This stuff is potent and hits me like a ton of bricks. With 810mg, it's a heavy hitter. The experience with this brand and product is top-notch. cbd for the People knows their stuff, and this cartridge is a game-changer


The flavor of the CBD FTP vape is off the charts! It's like puffing on a tropical paradise. And the positive effect? Oh boy, it's a game-changer. It melts away my stress and leaves me feeling relaxed and focused. Best part? No nasty side effects! This bad boy is strong, giving me the chill vibes I need. With 810mg, it's a powerhouse of goodness. My experience with this brand and product? Simply epic, dude. CBD for the People nailed it!


I was a player in the NHL and got a knee injury that had me bedridden for months. These babies saved me. I can now kick a ball around with the kids.


suits every preference

James Anderson

Smooth draw with quality vapor production

Farmer Jumbo

Got this for my old man to help him with his arthritis. He loves how long the pain relief effect lasts. Definitely getting him some more pens.


Experienced some positive effect with CBD FTP Uncut 810mg cartridge, but not mind-blowing

Mason Adams

With 810mg and a long-lasting DTP battery, this cartridge delivers the chill vibes. Brand and product rock!


It's a fantastic option for those looking to incorporate cbd into their routine.


The cbd vaping cartridge and battery combo I recently purchased has exceeded my expectations.


The cartridge contains a generous 810mg of cbd, providing noticeable effects

Franck Miller

Strength of CBD FTP g pen hits like a beast. It's powerful stuff!

Ethan Wilson

Positive effect of FTP cbd Uncut 810mg cartridge is legit. Stress melts away!


I thought vapes worked like bongs and I expected the instant high after the first few hits. Took me a while to get there though.


When I went through my depression, this stuff helped me deal with the dark days. Instant mood booster


Do not take a hit if you want to get active. Maybe i had eaten too much but two hits and i was a couch potato the whole day. I did no chore!


Trust me when i tell you this stuff is great just before bed, or before a meal. I got a great appetite and an hour later i was passed out like a log.

Gideon Harris

These pens also last longer than other pens I have tried. FTP is a really high quality company with good customer service and excellent products that make it worth every penny spent.

Marijuana Rolls

This badboy seems too technical for my grandmother. I will definitely have a hard time convincing her that they are safe and she can take a normal hit like with a joint.

Marie Weeder

After my cancer diagnosis chemo was quite literally hell. But since i started with this vape i feel no pain and the nausea is non-existent.


We also like their 810mg cartridges because they're higher than others we've seen.


When they talk of vapes, i was expecting to take a hit and be high as the moon. Should have checked the 0 THC marker.


I find vapes to be too expensive. I am not saying they are not a great invention. But i am a traditional stoner, I'll get my hits from blunts.


Finally something that doesn't taste bad and actually works! A lot of other companies use flavors that are too sweet and mask the CBD oil, but not FTP.

Marie Jane

I have been reluctant to try out vaping till some time last week. I took some hits off a friend's vape and it happened to be CBD FTP. loved it.

Bruno Marihuana

So this baby comes in any flavor you want, i chose the raspberry and all i can say is that they can take all my money if they want to.

Mater Spliff

They had me at 81% CBD potency. One inhale and i was completely relaxed even though i had one of the worst days at work. Pretty sure i am never leaving homw without it.


After trying many brands, I would recommend FTP Uncut as one of the top three products. They have helped with sleep, which is great because insomnia runs in my family.


Because this cream does not contain any chemicals, it does not cause any adverse reactions.


This has been such a life changer for me. I feel so much better and can't thank you enough. My mood has improved, my anxiety decreased, and my skin looks better too. My dog got arthritis in her hips, so we decided to try it out on her too. She loves it.


I have severe arthritis in both of my hands but have found that using CBD helps relieve some of the symptoms and makes me feel more relaxed when doing simple tasks like cooking or cleaning up around the house.


I've had chronic pain for years and this CBD is by far the best product I've ever tried. It was a relief to finally find a product that helped my aches.


I think it’s a bit too expensive for what it does. But then again, I prefer getting high from my own baked goods, so there’s that.


The flavor of cbd Uncut is straight fire, bro! It's like taking a trip to flavor town with every puff. And the positive effect? It's the real deal, man. It melts away my tension and gives me a calm focus. No nasty side effects, thank the cbd gods! This cartridge is strong AF, hitting me like a tsunami of relaxation. With 810mg, it's a beast. cbd for the People knows how to deliver the goods. I'm hooked, dude!

About CBD For The People

CBD For The People ReviewCBD for the people walks the talk by testing products, ensuring they are organically farmed, making it possible to track products from farm to oil, and affordably distributing the final product. Quality is top quality here, so they do not mass-produce.. The oil is extracted through CO2 extraction, and then the product is tested for residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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