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Procana Fresh Menthol Cartridges 200 mg Image
Procana Fresh Menthol Cartridges 200 mg Image

Procana Fresh Menthol Cartridges 200 mg

Category: CBD Vaping

Subcategory: CBD Vape Oils

Brand: Procana

CBD: 200 mg

THC: free

Weight: 28 g

Flavour: Menthol

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Procana CBD Vape Cartridge Fresh Menthol Review

If you prefer energizing effects during vaping, try a CBD vape cartridge with a refreshing menthol flavor designed by Procana. In addition to an invigorating taste, you’ll receive wellness and health benefits offered by cannabidiol. The 0.5 g cart contains 200 mg of isolated CBD blended with all-natural oils and flavors. The added organic oils act as an MCT carrier to enhance CBD bioavailability. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that lacks any other compounds naturally occurring in hemp. It is obtained from hemp plants with low THC levels. Usually, it comes in a crystal form and has no discernible flavor or aroma.

Isolates are a suitable option for first-time users who want to experiment with hemp health benefits without the interference of its complementary ingredients. The expected effects are pain relief, mood enhancement, stress and anxiety reduction, sleep quality improvement, and many more. As this e-liquid doesn’t include THC, it won’t make vapers high. The CBD hemp oil vaping cartridge will allow you to achieve faster effects than other CBD products. With each puff, vapor gets directly into your lungs and delivers therapeutic effects immediately. This device by Procana is ready to use out of the box and doesn’t require mixing and filling e-liquids. Just attach it to a compatible vape pen. Enjoy stealthy vaping with this compact and mess-free unit!

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Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013. Ever since, this brand has been at the forefront of the manufacturing and research of cannabinoids.. This one of the rare companies that deliver both cannabidiol and cannabigerol products, as well as full-spectrum hemp products.