CBD For The People X2 Uncut Vape Kit Set Blue Cheddar 375mg


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CBD For The People X2 Uncut Vape Kit Set Blue Cheddar 375mg Review

X2 Uncut 375mg Vape Kit Set Blue Cheddar is one of the most powerful vaping options on the market. It includes 1000 mg @ 75% CBD (750 mg) for a full gram. The cartridges fit 510-threaded devices and come with a battery and a charger. This CBD For The People product includes non-GMO, hemp legal aerial cannabis extract. Its full-spectrum cannabinoid profile is also rich in terpenes. The flavor of the vape liquid is Blue Cheddar (hybrid strain), a unique blend of cheese-like aromas with blueberry notes. This option is ideal for people who want to unwind but still be energetic and feel revitalized.

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had to double take on the price then i noted that it comes with a battery and a charger. Seems like the right vape kit to get my little sister who has just joined the vaping craze. Cannot wait to surprise her.

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Olive Harrell

CBD For the People have really good pure CBD tinctures. Hoping that their cartridges meet the same standards. It would be a waste if they aren't as good. Anyway, mine get here in a day or two so I'll be back with a more definitive review.

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Asa Reid

Took a while to learn strains and stuff but landing on Blue Cheddar was worth the struggle. This pure cbd and trace hints of thc is what you've been looking for. Even my gramps agrees with me and she's only been vaping for a month now

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Henry Haskins

All I am going to say is we need more thc in this thing. The pure cbd is kinda strong at 375mg which is nice for relaxing. After years of use i find that I cannot fully relax without a significant amount of thc in it. Not a bad cartridge overall though.

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Uncut vape cartridges are slowly becoming a must have for me. I mean they are packed with pure cbd and a whole list of terpenes, feels like smoking the real thing.

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About CBD For The People

CBD for the people walks the talk by testing products, ensuring they are organically farmed, making it possible to track products from farm to oil, and affordably distributing the final product. Quality is top quality here, so they do not mass-produce.. The oil is extracted through CO2 extraction, and then the product is tested for residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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