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Green Roads CBD Relax Bears

95% of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: Green Roads CBD

CBD: 10 mg per gummy

THC: 0%

Flavour: Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, Green Apple, Orange

Quantity: 30 gummies

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Green Roads CBD Relax Bears 300mg, 30ct Review

This jar with gelatin gummies from Green Roads contains sugar-coated treats of mild potency. CBD Relax Bears – (30ct) 300mg include only pure CBD isolate and no extra phytochemicals that naturally occur in hemp plants. The extract is derived from hemp grown in the U.S. and processed in cGMP-registered facilities. It contains no gluten, GMO, or THC. The sweets offer consumers a balanced sweet and sour mix of tastes with Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry flavors. They are recommended for relaxation, sleep support, and overall balanced health.

Precise Dosing in Every 10 mg CBD Gummy:

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Based on 18 ratings
of buyers find this product good for Relaxation
Richard Sewell

In comparison to the green roads extra strength relax bears these ones are a definite flop.


Normally I do not get anything that has a CBD content that is below 20mg but the flavor in these beuaties had me changing my mind. I just had to have that lemon and cherry flavor one more time. I take them together and the flavors bursting in my mouth have me hooked to green road's relax bears


This green roads 300mg relax bears are very disspaointing. how many 10mg pieces do they think someone with crippling anxiety can take before it settles them down. I have an answer, a whole lot of them. By my calculation I would have to get three packs of this in a single month!

Robert Vo

Pops thinks this are the ultimate green roads gummies to relax. He now insists that all of us get the same for him each time we go to visit. I don't mind because they are awfully cheap. Can't say that I can try them out myself because they wouldn't do anything for me but as long as they make him happy I'll concede


enticing flavors that are fruity


Good for relaxing when you have some time to kill, but wouldn't take one right before going out to do something important because it will probably make you tired and lethargic.


I usually take one in the morning when I wake up, which makes me feel relaxed and happy for a few hours. Also good for just calming down at night. Only negative is that I get a little drowsy after about an hour, so it's best to take in morning or afternoon.


When my anxiety starts to creep in during the day, one of these will calm me down so that I can continue my work without being stressed out too much.


Regardless of the fact that we only get 30 gummies in a box, I have come to love these CBD gummies. They are very tasty.


I may be new to the CBD for pain relief party but I am glad I started off with these gummies.


Whenever I go CBD products shopping I try to look for something with as little THC as possible. That way I don't end up getting high by mistake.


I have come to find that the THC-free nature of these gummies is a blessing in disguise. These days I do not need to smoke full spectrum joints anymore.


If we were to rate, I'd give these CBD Relax Bears a 10 because they are among the best I have tried in the market.


I may not like the 10mg CBD in these gummies but my grandfather loves it. Apparently they are just right to help him sleep through the night.


Every now and then I try to find alternative medicine for my stress which is a result of depression, and following my therapist's advice I have come to love these CBD gummies.


Assorted gummies are my favorite especially if they have CBD in them. It feels like Christmas picking from the box and not knowing what flavor you are getting.


As a vegan, I find that I can use these CBD gummies because they are gluten free. But they also have another range that says vegan friendly.


Anything with a CBD level of less than 50mg is a no for me. They are not strong enough to deal with my back pain.

About Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD ReviewGreen Roads CBD’s journey began in 2013 when the founder, Laura, decided to use her experience as a pharmacist to create simple cannabidiol topicals and oils for her friends and family. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, the company is now led by her and two other pharmacists, and it uses its years of experience to create top-notch CBD oils, topicals, and others ideal for overall health.. MissionThe company aims to help people use plants to improve their life while using efficient, tasty products.

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