Green Garden Gold CBG Yummy Gummies 450mg image1
Green Garden Gold CBG Yummy Gummies 450mg image1

Green Garden Gold CBG Yummy Gummies 450mg

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Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: Green Garden Gold

CBD: 450mg

THC: 0%

Flavour: Fruit

Servings: 30

Green Garden Gold CBG Yummy Gummies 450mg Review

CBG Yummy Gummies 450mg is a great way to diversify your CBD/THC intake and add another hemp-derived component. One bottle of these gummies by Green Garden Gold contains 30 servings, 15mg CBG each. The ingredients are derived from USA-grown hemp that has been rigorously tested by an independent lab. The product contains corn syrup and powered sorbitol as healthy sweeteners. The natural fruity flavoring boosts your mood and satisfies your craving for something sweet and delicious but be sure to stick to the two gummies-a-day limits. These gummies have a non-detectable amount of THC, so they won’t make you high.

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I definitely recommend trying them if you suffer from anxiety or stress. I ’ve been taking these gummies every day since I got them and they seem to be working well.

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They seem to be working well and they definitely help me with my anxiety, so I would recommend giving them a try if you suffer from anxiety or stress.

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If you’re looking for a natural way to take CBD, these gummies are a great option. They taste good and don’t have any weird side effects.

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These gummies don’t seem to have any side effects; they have a fruity flavor and have no THC which is great for me as someone who doesn’t want to get high.

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The only thing about these gummies is that they aren’t as sweet as other gummy candies I’ve had in the past, but it definitely doesn’t affect their taste or how well they work for me

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I take two of these every morning before breakfast on an empty stomach and it seems to be working well for me. The gummies are soft, easy to chew and swallow, and don’t have a bad aftertaste at all.

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I ’ve been taking these gummies every day since I got them. My anxiety has definitely calmed down and I feel more relaxed in general.

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When I first opened these gummies, I was surprised by how small they were. The package says they are 30 gummies and they definitely are; it’s not overpowering, but you definitely notice it.

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About Green Garden Gold Brand

Green Garden Gold
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Green Garden Gold is a CBD producer located in Carrollton, Texas. The brand was founded in 2013 with a single goal in mind - to foster health and well-being for people today and in the future with the help of top-quality CBD products that deliver numerous benefits.. Currently, the products offered by Green Garden Gold include CBD capsules, oils, edibles, topicals, and products for pets.

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