Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD and THC Gummies, Sour, 40ct

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Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: Five CBD

CBD: 25 mg per gummy

THC: 2 mg per gummy

Flavour: Sour Blue Razz, Sour Redberry, Sour Lemon, Sour Orange

Quantity: 40 gummies

Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD and THC Gummies, Sour, 40ct Review

CBD Full Spectrum CBD and THC Gummies, Sour, 40ct created by Five are a golden standard in the world of CBD treats. These sweets manufactured by Five contain 25 mg of top-quality CBD and 2 mg of THC for an entourage effect. You can take advantage of health-boosting cannabis properties to promote sleep, relieve stress, and reduce pain. CBD+THC gummies made from quality-tested ingredients give you an opportunity to enjoy a sweet snack while still staying on track with your wellness goals. Try CBD Full Spectrum CBD and THC Gummies, Sour, 40ct to see for yourself that you no longer need to choose between taste and effect.

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Charles Barksdale

Five is not the best company when it comes to fulfilling orders, in my opinion, as I have had to follow through with a delivery twice now. The product is good since it is a great help with insomnia and all sleep related issues, but the delivery hiccups make me want to revert to other products.

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Brent Barrow

These full spectrum gummies will be a big help if you use them appropriately. I jjust know I feel drowsy, so only a half during the day if I want to be productive and a whole gummy at night for better sleep quality. The half for the day makes me a social butterfly, which is so far from my usual personality. Liking it the more I use it.

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Adeline Osborn

Its alright, I guess. Nothing too special but at the same time, not all bad

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Luciano Gilbert

get stoned without trying to get stoned, bro!

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Pedro Reynolds

I haven’t experienced any of the positive effects the package says I would. no better sleep, no calm, nothing. Money down the drain!

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Sherie Greenfield

Not much help with my nerves and I only sleep after a whole hour. I think it is a great help with the quality of sleep, but is it too much to ask that it works faster?

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Ernestine Gonzalez

I find the effects much better than using pharma drugs to get to sleep. The low traces of THC work without making you paranoid and I think it makes me drowsy and happy at the same time.

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I think it tastes way better than those CBN gummies from Extract Labs.

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Pauline Parsons

I am keen on details, so I like that each gummy has 25 mg to act on insomnia and even mild pain. Cant discount the feel good feeling when the buzz hits. I have been using it for the lull that comes with a case of nerves for those of us that prefer the safety of closed doors. Doesn’t make me the life of the party, but the calming effect makes social gatherings much much easier.

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Brian Arterburn

Works just fine. That’s all

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About Five CBD Brand

Five CBD
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Five CBD is a brand that specializes in full-spectrum cannabidiol. The company was founded in 2020 and is located in Laguna Beach, California.. The brand’s name comes from its commitment to all parts of the hemp plant.

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