Lucent Botanicals Pain Relief Mints 10mg
Lucent Botanicals Pain Relief Mints 10mg

Lucent Botanicals Pain Relief Mints 10mg

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Pain Relief

Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Candies

Brand: Lucent Botanicals

CBD: 400 mg

THC: 1 mg

Flavor: Natural

Weight: 19 g

Lucent Botanicals Pain Relief Mints 10mg Review

Pain Relief Mints – 10 mg from Lucent Botanicals are an herbal and non-psychoactive alternative to daily medications that helps consumers activate their bodies’ natural abilities to reduce pain. There are 40 CBD candies in the jar, each containing 10 mg of cannabidiol isolate, a proprietary blend of organic terpenes (myrcene, humulene, eucalyptol, and caryophyllene), and beneficial botanicals (turmeric, black pepper, and St. John’s Wort). Start with 1-2 Pain Relief Mints – 10 mg daily and expect the effect in 20-30 minutes. Later, you can adjust the dosing based on your experience. This unique product by Lucent Botanicals is certified by third-party labs, with the results available online. Now, occasional headaches and chronic pain won’t hold you back from conquering the world!

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About Lucent Botanicals

Lucent Botanicals
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Lucent Botanicals is a Bay Area-based wellness company dedicated to empowering people to improve their own physical, mental and emotional health through products that are honest, clear and effective.  This company is oriented toward providing CBD products that are non-psychoactive and provide the body with natural healing.. Each mint sold here is blended and designed for a targeted effect.

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