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WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Δ9 -THC which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/products/food.

Five CBD Rosin Gummies, Nighttime, 20ct

88% of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep

Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: Five CBD

CBD: 15 mg per gummy

THC: 0.045 mg per gummy

Flavour: Citrus

Quantity: 20 gummies

Potential effects: Promotes better sleep

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WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Δ9 -THC which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/products/food.

Five CBD Rosin Gummies, Nighttime, 20ct Review

Rosin Gummies are the perfect choice for those looking to improve their sleep. These treats are formulated specifically to help improve your sleep routine and cycle. Can't sleep until 3 am? This choice is just for you. Rosine, full-spectrum CBD and melatonin create an incredible mix that can lull you to sleep. Five CBD has given the product a sweet citrus flavor for you to indulge in before bed. These are delicious treats that last a long time! By choosing the packaging that is convenient for you, you can enjoy the long-term effects of delicious treats that act like vitamins.

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Based on 20 ratings
of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep

Five years back the last thing I would have ever thought myself capable of would be leaving a positive review of cbd gummies. But here I am attesting to the fact that these are the most FLAVORFUL, relaxing, and wholesomely best gummies I have ever tried. And I have tried a couple


What I love most about CBD for sleep products is that they result in this ovwewhelming relaxation of the body and mind. Each night I take two pieces and I swear the relaxation is almost immediate. Can't remember the last time I slept so good in years.


my mother insists that if I start taking these gummies my knee pains will vanish. As much as I want to believe her I am still skeptical about the whole CBD for pain relief claims. Can anyone confirm that they actually work?

Lara R

Wish they were a little less sugary

Matilde Ribeiro

to be honest I didn't expect the citrus flavor to suck. All of the citrus flavored gummies I have tried never miss. At the moment I prefer green roads citrus flavors to this five Cbd one. I could taste some synthetic aspect to it which was revolting.


I get the whole Five CBD hype now. I was a bit reluctant seeing that I am a FOCL girl but now they are slowly winning me over

Stoner Girl

one of the things that keeps me up at night is anxiety. For reasons I cannot fathom, I experience this deep seated anxiety that has me tossing and turning for hours. Ever since I started eating a few gummies before bed, the anxiety vanished. these days I get into bed an an hour later I am fast asleep. Even my husband doesn't believe it.


all I need is something that is strrong enough to do away with my migraines. With these Five CBD Rosin candies I'd have to take like five of them at a go.


Say what you want but I absolutely adore the taste of these gummies. I though five cbd had won me over with their candied lemon flavor but after tasting this I can swear that they are way better than that. Can't wait to get a whole lot more of them from the store


At first I thought taking anything with sugar before bed would ruin my whole sleeping pattern. Turns out it doesn't

Bobby Hardaway

Could never be a 4 or 5 from me. I’ll give it a 3 for finally working after I took the second gummy. The taste is not something I would acquire. I bought them for pain relief as Im being treated for a herniated disc, but I guess ill keep checking. The products from 5 CBD I like are s great for nights, but I guess they should stop curating day products because their lot doesn’t work as advertised.

Lillian Bilski

Could be better in taste and effects. The buzz you will get and if you take two, you feel sleepy. But why do I need two to feel any meaningful effect?

Myung Soriano

Calms my nerves and doesn’t dent my pocket. Fu*k the bad taste im here for effects.

Richard Evans

Why do people buy this? I couldn’t use another pack if they gave them for free. Why? Horrible taste and the effects take eternity to kick in. what a waste!

William Murray

Mild. Too mild. I have to use two to feel the tiniest buzz. Just when it feels like it is working, the effects end. Not worth its cost.

Elizabeth King

if I can find it online when I need it, im good

Van Williams

I use these for the calm I expect from cbd and it could be from the fact that the product says no additives that gives it its less than pleasant taste, but am okay with this as long as I can stay buzzed and in the zone. I guess I will like it even more with longer use.

James May

Good product

Betty Barnes

5CBD rosin gummies may not taste the best but they do what they are supposed to especially if you like a dosed product for day use. this one gummy has been a true hero during my painful menses and I like the calm added benefit I get. You may have to wait 40 minutes to one hour but they will work. That’s a guarantee.


Dreadful taste but the effects are not bad. am in such a dilemma!

About Five CBD

Five CBD ReviewFive CBD is a brand that specializes in full-spectrum cannabidiol. The company was founded in 2020 and is located in Laguna Beach, California.. The brand’s name comes from its commitment to all parts of the hemp plant.

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