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Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: American Shaman

CBD: 10 mg per gummy

THC: 0%

Flavour: Assorted

Quantity: 30 gummies

American Shaman Sample Pack of Gummies Review

Sometimes it's hard to get a new product if you don't know what it tastes like and how it works. But American Shaman solved this problem by creating a Sample Pack of Gummies. You can try them and see for yourself the quality of the products. This is a small package that you can take with you everywhere. In addition to a great variety of tastes, you can experience the beneficial effects of CBD. This is relaxation and stress reduction, which will certainly help you concentrate better on your current tasks. American Shaman makes their products eco-friendly and gluten-free.

User Reviews 10

Kirk Rankin

Appreciate that they are 100% eco-friendly. I take them religiously for sleep

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completely gluten free

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Beatrice Kapp

Took three gummies before hitting the library to study for my cats and they really helped. Instead of being all over the place I was calm and concentrated. I went through three chapters without jumping back and forth or even looking at my phone.

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Eleanor Thomas

they are quite effective on stress and anxiety. Coming from someone with the most terrible anxiety attacks I can say that these gummies have really helped. Haven't had a panic attack in almost three weeks now. The norm was two attacks a week so you can see the improvement.

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Lynn Acosta

All i want is some strong CBD gummies to get rid of my migraines.

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Robert Wilkie

First time trying American Shaman

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I just wish they would have put single flavors in separate packs. The berry ones were my favorite and all the others felt a little forced and synthetic. The lemon was particularly not a favorite. Their calming effect was great on the other hand. Loved it.

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felt cheated off of my hard earned money. I ate five gummies on day one and even then the effects were like on the outskirts. I could feel myself getting drowsy but then i did not sleep for like three hours. Terrible potency, the very worst.

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Doug Hamilton

These infused gummies may only be 10mg but they had a strong effect on me.

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assorted flavors are the worst

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About American Shaman Brand

American Shaman
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As one of the leading CBD producers, American Shaman focuses on offering safe and highly potent CBD. The company was founded in 2015 by Vince Sanders.. Their products are organic and eco-friendly.

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