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WARNING: Reproductive Harm -

Green Roads Sleepy Zs CBD and CBN Gummies 250mg

86% of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep

Category: CBD Edibles

Subcategory: CBD Gummies

Brand: Green Roads CBD

CBD: 22.5 mg per gummy

CBN: 2.5 mg per gummy

THC: 0%

Flavour: Blackberry

Quantity: 10 gummies

Ingredients: Hemp Derived CBD Extract, Melatonin, Hemp Derived CBN Extract Other Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Blackberry Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Grape Juice Concentrate, Organic Purple Carrot Juice, Carnauba Wax, Organic Coconut Oil.

Suggested dosage: 1-2 gummies per day

Potential effects: Promotes better sleep

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm -

Green Roads Sleepy Zs CBD and CBN Gummies 250mg Review

You should incorporate these Sleepy Zs CBD+CBN Gummies into your nighttime routine. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD/CBN and 5mg of melatonin. GreenRoads product has an amazing juicy taste of blackberries. These sweets are small but can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Over time, you may notice how falling asleep becomes much easier, and waking up will no longer be such hard labor. Contains Organic Purple Carrot Juice, Carnauba Wax, and Natural Coconut Oil. Formulated by pharmacists, this CBD product contains no animal ingredients and is also gluten-free. Does not contain THC.

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User Comments 47

Based on 47 ratings
of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep

a tiny amount gives me the chillest vibes ever


a small dose has me feeling like a zen master

Emily White

I like these very much. Buying with a great discount with a Green Roads coupon


Major props to Sleepy Zs! The flavor is next level

David Jones

like, no lie, they're like a lullaby in candy form

Ida Clarke

I've tried other cbd edibles, but these gummies are in a league of their own. The cbd and CBN combo makes for some next-level relaxation.

Bllaacckk W.

I gotta say, these little guys really know how to knock me out. I pop a couple before bed, and I'm out like a light.


Whenever I want to sleep through the night, I chew about two gummies and black out for the next 12+ hours. Quality sleep.

Moses Waters

I munch on these gummies before hitting the hay, and bam, I'm in la-la land in no time.


These gummies are the secret weapon for all my insomniac homies out there. Highly recommend, bro!

Daniel Thompson

their relaxing effects have me drifting off to sleep in no time

Emily White

I adore these gummies. The flavor is like a sweet lullaby. Anyone has Greenroads coupons?


These Sleepy Zs gummies by Green Roads are straight-up magic! The flavor is like a dreamy bedtime treat, and just one dose knocks me out for a peaceful night's sleep.

Joseph Turner

Green Roads' Sleepy Zs cbd CBN gummies are a total sleep savior! The flavor is like a cozy hug, and a small dosage lulls me into a deep, restful slumber.


I experienced zero effects and left feeling disappointed. Save your money, peeps


Green roads have more potent cbd edible products than this CBN gummies


Not sure what’s going on but some gummies seem more potent than others in the same pack.

Betty Mavitte

very yummy gummies. Sampled them as a marketing package and chose to purchase the full pack. Best cannabis deal ever


I feel like if they added the Green roads sleepy z's gummies to a bundle with some sleep inducing CBD oil they would sell off People like me who strugglw with sleep really need a concentrated bundle from a reputable company such as this one


What is CBN?

Francis Tipton

Love the effects


alternatively you could get the green roads 50mg sleepy z which are way more stronger and give you results sooner than this 22.5mg ones. They both have adequate servings of CBN so the sleeping sector is SORTED. not reccomendable to start off with that high a gummy though


compared to regular prescription sleep medication, this product has fewer side effects so it's much safer to take on a daily basis


Not a bad pack but I really do wish it was bigger. 10 gummies is what you get when you are looking to spend a Green Roads coupons deal that you are not as invested in. I on the one hand I am very invested in making these gummies part of my night routine so More please!


don't knock it till you try it seriously. from one insomniac to another you definietly need some of that CBN magic as yoiu head to bed each night. One gummy if yiu are of a low tolerance and 2 if you have a higher one and you will sleep soundly thorugh the night. I get 8 hours or more of sleep these days.


whenever I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I take one of these gummies to help me relax and de-stress. It's nice that there's no need to worry about getting addicted to these since they don't contain any psychoactive ingredients.


for me personally, it works well but I'd suggest giving it a try first to see if it suits your individual needs

Albert Sharkey

What a cheap pack of my fav Green Roads sleep z gummies and also in a to die for flavor


Taking one Sleepy Zs Gummy before bedtime has become part of my nightly routine now! It helps me stay asleep through the night and wake up feeling well-rested in the morning

Luana Oliveira

I didn't like the taste of the Gummies. They tasted overly sweet and artificial. I couldn't finish the package.


These gummies worked quickly, allowing me to drift off into a peaceful sleep soon after consuming them. The combination of CBD and CBN provided an effective way to improve my overall sleep quality, with less grogginess when I woke up the next morning.

Júlia Carvalho

the flavor of these gummies was surprisingly pleasant, much better than most other cbd gummies I've tried...


my dad has started taking the Sleepy Zs Gummies, and he says it's really improved his insomnia issues. He says he can finally get a full night's rest now


The cbn gummies provided me with a great way to wind down after a long day. They helped me get into a relaxed state without being too sedative or overwhelming

Larissa Martins

The effects of the Green Roads Gummies were not strong enough for me to notice any difference in my overall sleep quality. They did not help me relax and drift off to sleep as I had hoped they would.


Just trying CBD gummies for the first time and these 0THC ones are great. They make me sleepy in about 20 minutes and I cant wait to see if the effects remain the same even with longer usage.

Richard Boone

This is a habit I can easily afford now that the gummy business is booming out of control. Don’t hate the taste either and they manage my stress levels. Would definitely recommend.

Jeffrey Alvarez

Does help a little I guess but the effects don’t last

Nicolas Wine

Im here for the price and please hear me out. I have been in this gummy business for a while now because since my teens, I struggle getting to sleep. And if I sleep its for three hours then im up. I have been trying different CBD gummies because they work for me and these sleepy Zs are just the perfect balance of effectiveness and great pricing.

Nicole Polley

I still wish they has THC but they aren’t all bad. They get you to sleep and I like that I don’t have to use 2 sleepy zs to nod off. I guess I could stick with this brand for now.

Jessica Fowler

Working for who? Coz that isn’t me. Been wide awake a whole hour after ingestion.

Jerome Evert

Another vegan gummy that tastes well but has trash performance


Green Roads cbd gummies are my staple and not just these ones specifically. Like I try almost everything they release because they agree with my pocket and taste buds.

Lorna Karpinski

Sleepy for real for real. Seriously, these little gummies are the realest ish lately and even some people I met at Coachella swear by them.

Karry Elam

Another one (in DJ. Khaled’s voice) from Green Roads CBD. Not surprised at how doo it is seeing as all their releases are well thought-out.


The flavor of sleepy z's is so soothing, and a couple of these bad boys help me doze off into dreamland


First encountered these gummies at my friend’s party. I got some for myself the next day and I’ve never stopped buying them.

About Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD ReviewGreen Roads CBD’s journey began in 2013 when the founder, Laura, decided to use her experience as a pharmacist to create simple cannabidiol topicals and oils for her friends and family. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, the company is now led by her and two other pharmacists, and it uses its years of experience to create top-notch CBD oils, topicals, and others ideal for overall health.. MissionThe company aims to help people use plants to improve their life while using efficient, tasty products.

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