Botany Farms Sour Lifter CBD Flower
Botany Farms Sour Lifter CBD Flower

Botany Farms Sour Lifter CBD Flower

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Energy Booster, Pain Relief

Category: CBD Flower

Brand: Botany Farms

CBD: Diesel, Ripe Grape, Lemon

THC: 9 mg

Strain: Sour Lifter

Weight: 1 g,

Botany Farms Sour Lifter CBD Flower Review

Sour Lifter has become a part of Botany Farms’ hemp flower selection as an excellent invigorating strain able to lift smokers if their spirits are low. As a true Sativa, it will bring you an exciting day full of energy, relief, and a good mood. It was created by crossing Lifter with a Sour Diesel lineage. Its CBD content amounts to 173 mg, plus 9 mg of THC. The aromas released by Sour Lifter remind users of ripe grape and lemon with mild diesel notes. The flower profile of these CBD Flowers pairs well with citrus tea or light roast coffee. Botany Farms offers 1-gram product packs, which is enough to enjoy its terpene profile. You can check the list of compounds found in the strain in the lab report available online.

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Botany Farms was established in 2019 by Dylan Savage & Lauren Ward. With years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, both founders realized there weren’t any companies in the space producing boutique-style hemp flower at an affordable price.. Botany Farms offers a high-quality selection of CBD and CBG and Delta-8 flowers, cartridges and pre-rolls.

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