Wings of Wellness

Inland Empire, California

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Inland Empire, California, 91761
License information License information Lic. No. C9-0000054-LIC

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Martin Reyes

The freshness of their flower is unmatched so far. Premium quality products at very affordable prices. This is the easiest recommendation I’ve ever made in my life.

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Kyle Arnold

I got some very good deals on fresh products the very first time I came here. Since then I’ve come multiple times and they always seem to have something I haven’t tried before. It’s always an experience going through everything and taking home something new. The people that work here are very friendly too and will help you out if you need.

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Gilbert Saunders

The customer service here is great. I had a small issue with a product that I realized when I got it home and opened it. Went back the next day and they were quick to replace it without any sort of fuss. That right there made it my primary cannabis dispensary and I haven’t considered going anywhere else ever since. Just goes to show how important good customer service really is.

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