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Los Angeles, California

Med + Rec
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12320 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90064
License information License information Lic. No. C10-0000383-LIC
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ERBA Markets

ERBA dispensary is a great cannabis store with knowledgeable and dedicated workers. You can find ERBA markets in Pico, Venice, San Pedro, and Lompoc. This dispensary offers thousands of cannabis products to choose from of numerous brands. An undeniable advantage of the company is that they offer free delivery with no minimum sum of the order. ERBA accepts cash and both debit and credit cards for payment, and any valid government-issued identification. All stores have ATM on-site and parking. What’s more, you have the option to make orders for curbside pickup.

The dispensary provides a lot of pleasant discounts, such as 20% off for bringing a friend, 20% off 1 item on your first visit, 30% and 40% off 1 item on your second and third visit respectively, and offer daily and weekly specials (you can find this information on their website). In addition, you can buy a gift card there (25-250$) to make a gorgeous present for your friends or family.

About ERBA Store Philosophy

ERBA maintains a philosophy that shopping in their stores should be experimental rather than transactional. That’s exactly why every customer is treated uniquely and personally to provide the best possible products. The staff will do everything to help you find your cup of tea and get the experience you’ll remember.

Before going to the ERBA store, you can explore the market with a 360 visual tour on their website and make sure that these people know their business. The stores have a perfect exterior and interior. All products are placed on the showcases to help you quickly check the menu and make your eyes run wide.

The shop has a wide assortment of cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use – flowers (Indica, Sativa, and various hybrids), pre-rolls from the best brands, tinctures, edibles, goods for vapes (liquids and cartridges), beverages, and much more. Also, ERBA is specifically proud of their new exclusive product – Rebel Cast Special Edition: Unity Blend Wine

COVID-19 Restrictions Information

If you decide to visit the ERBA collective, remember that the store follows COVID-19 restrictions:

  • All visitors are required to wear a mask, no matter the vaccination status
  • Only 25 visitors are allowed inside the store at a time
  • All store and delivery workers are obliged to wear both a mask and gloves
  • All counters and registers are always disinfected

Working hours: 8 am – 10 pm (Pico), 9 am – 10 pm (Venice), 9 am – 9 pm (San Pedro), 8 am – 9:50 pm (Lompoc) every day

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Richard Perez

Such a cool place with a young and exciting vibe that can pull just about anyone inside. The people are great and you can easily find all the major strains you might be looking for. Bigger stores may have more products for sure but the staff here are really good at helping arrange what you want if they don’t have it in store.

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Billy Martinez

What keeps drawing me to this dispensary in particular is the freshness of the products. I have been visiting it for a few months now and not once have I received something that was stale or didn’t ‘hit’ as it should. The place is also pretty much always filled with people so it’s not like they’re holding on to the products for months and months. Always a good time visiting and getting some great stuff to smoke. Must-visit for anyone interested in cannabis in the area!

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