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Sacramento, California

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Sacramento, California
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Apple Runtz by FloraCal 36.95
Green Crack by Eighth Brothers 10
Apple Fritters by Eighth Brothers 10
Green Crack by Eighth Brothers 14
Cherry Pie by Eighth Brothers 19.95
Apple Fritters by Eighth Brothers 16
Georgia Pie by California Weed 25
Runtz - Pouch Flower by Henry's Original 21.5
Mac 1 - Jar Flower 1G by Henry's Original 9.5

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Frank Williams

All I have ever wanted for a cannabis store is to have people who know their stuff and a good selection of popular and niche products. This place is heaven to me for those reasons. Can’t believe I didn’t know it existed before a couple of weeks ago.

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Stephen Campbell

Just a couple of days ago was my third time visiting this store. I don’t usually write online reviews but I have to say that this isn’t your everyday dispensary. The people who run it and work here genuinely care about their customers. Whether you’re going to just have a look around, get something very specific, or learn some new things about how different products work, you won’t leave disappointed.

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