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Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County, California, and the Port of Oakland is the busiest in Northern California. With a population of 433,823, the city serves as the San Francisco Bay Area’s economic engine and trade center. Also, it is home to some of the most renowned weed shops in the country and has been referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Weed.”

Oakland’s cannabis scene is alive and loaded with unique experiences for weed enthusiasts. Its neighborhoods have various points of interest, including retail shops, food spots, and sensory attractions covering cultural and art experiences. In these places, you can unwind and expand your mind. It has Oaksterdam University founded by the city’s weed activists to raise the bar for marijuana education. The establishment offers classes on how to grow pot and covers horticulture and extractions.

The County of Alameda and the City of Oakland permit all types of cannabis businesses. Recreational purchase and use are allowed for individuals 21 and older. They can buy 1 ounce of cannabis at a time. Medical marijuana (MMJ) consumers with a valid MMJ card can legally buy 8 ounces of dry flowers. Public consumption is not allowed even in a progressive place like Oakland, with no exception for MMJ patients. However, there are weed-smoking lounges in semi-public spaces where like-minded weed users gather to toke.

Weed dispensaries in Oakland are some of the best in the country because California’s optimal climate allows for growing its own marijuana. Check a list of the best Oakland dispensaries to visit: NUG, Blum, Blunts & Moore, Eco Cannabis, Rose Mary Jane, and many more.

This cannabis-friendly city is also famous due to technology-enabled weed delivery services that can supply vapes, edibles, flowers, and myriads of other marijuana items within a few hours. The diversity of products is similar to that in top-class dispensaries in San Francisco.