Calaveras Little Trees

Arnold, California

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2641 CA-4 #7, Arnold, California, 95223
License information License information Lic. No. C10-0000561-LIC
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Drew J.

The right product at the right price with the right attitude from the salespeople. What more can anyone ask for? Recommended!

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Still remember when I reluctantly came here with my friend who was trying to tell me how great weed can be for my medical issues. I didn’t believe him to be honest. But a mere 15 minutes with the lady behind the counter and I was sold. She gave me a ton of information about cannabis and I started to understand why it could help me. And I have to tell you, it did! That is why I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone who isn’t fully sure about trying cannabis. A little knowledge and understanding go a long way!

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