The Artist Tree

Riverside, California

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240 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, California, 92507
License information License information Lic. No. C10-0000870-LIC
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Rochelle H.

Been coming here for a long time now with some friends and we all unanimously agree that this is the best place in town. Good stuff, cool people, not-crazy prices. That’s all we need to know!

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Not a fan of leaving reviews but I just have to this time. I have been to this store about 4 or 5 times now and every single time I’m treated like I’m a new customer who they just have to take care of. I have to say it feels great! They ask me if I’m looking for something particular or if I need some recommendations. They leave me completely alone if I tell them I’m just browsing on my own. It’s so comfortable being here!

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