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Sacramento, California

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1704 Main Avenue, Sacramento, California, 95838
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White Fire OG by Almora 80
Malibu Pure Kush by Baker's Cannabis Co. 46
White Fire OG by Almora 26
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Vape 11
Island Sweet Skunk by Buddies Brand 35
Do-Si-Do by Buddies Brand 45
Bubba Zkittlez by Buddies Brand 45
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The delivery service here is the best I've ever used. Everything is packed carefully and shipped quickly. I receive my products in no time and in perfect condition. Plus, everything they send out is as fresh as it possibly can be!

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Justin Jones

I visited the store about a month ago for the first time and I was pretty overwhelmed by all the aromas in the air. There was too much stuff on the shelves for me to settle on what I wanted and what I should have wanted for my needs. That said, the people working there came to my rescue right away and guided me throughout the process. The information provided was excellent in helping me choose a product. You won't regret checking this place out for yourself if you're in the market for some quality cannabis.

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