Fig & Thistle Apothecary

San Francisco, California

Med + Rec
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313 Ivy Street, San Francisco, California, 94102
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Horrible! The women at the counter tried to charge me sales tax when I'd already presented them with a CA Medical Marijuana I.D. card, then said they could not "stack" discounts. I get the "stacking" part, I'm a senior and a vietnam era vet, and can't use both. But I pay $100 annually for that state issued medical MJ card and their staff is completely oblivious to the fact that means I do not pay sales tax statewide. When I asked for my money back, returning my items to the counter, along with the change from the purchase, they said, "sorry, no refund, just store credit." Huh! Why would I return to a place that's staffed complete know-nothings. Terrible experience, I won't be back and will advise cohorts to avoid this place as well.

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